May 31, 2008

Filed under: News — adamsdoyle @ 2:56 pm

Visited the Rubin Museum again on Friday night with some friends and realized something interesting. First off, the collection of Tibetan art is beautiful. The paintings and sculptures are so charged with spirituality and symbolism one cannot help but feel mildly enlightened simply taking it all in. The architecture of the museum does a terrific job of accentuating the work by using a central cyclical staircase ascending the viewers through each level. Now its is generally enough to display art for those who care to visit. But the smart folks at this museum have thought to provide guests with optional magnifying glasses. On the surface this is purely a matter of highlighting all the fine detail. What I think makes it further noteworthy is that now patrons have a tool with which to become actively engaged in the art. There is a fun searching out engagement visitors now take part it. There is a psychological transition from glancing at the art to getting personal wit it. I think all museums could take note of this participatory device.

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