August 18, 2010

Filed under: News — adamsdoyle @ 12:07 am

We’ve gotten fully acclimated to alterations in time. We see films regularly where action scenes are slowed down to add drama, to add visceral impact. In books long passages of narration depict short moments. Now we have this- a song slowed down 800 times. It’s no joke. Speed a song up and it’s Alvin and the Chipmunks. It’s cute. So far, a novelty. But this, this atmospheric, epic, wail touches something significant.
More and more we see Time is a dial. Wind it down and space opens up. Deep ocean whale song, a cathedral, a canyon of memory… The scope of sound is incredible. There’s a meaning here. It’s enjoyable and at the end of the day that’s enough. Yet I for one am fascinated by this continued relationship we as human beings are having with time. It is getting looser. The experience we have of it speeding up during a great night out or slowed down during a surprising accident, the entirely subjective experience of time, in auditory form, is becoming something we can genuinely share. It’s amazing.

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