May 9, 2011

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The Festival of Ideas swept through NYC this weekend. Strolled through it and caught up with friends exhibiting Saturday afternoon who shared some of the projects they’ve been working on. Lots of focus on the environment, sustainable living, and energy-mindfullness. Lots of eclectic art you’d expect to see too.
I have to say though, the piece that blew me away was Civilization, a video mural by Marc Brambilla. (I’m linking to a higher quality copy via The Standard Hotel in the West Village, which has it playing scaled down in the elevator). We walked in to St Patrick’s Church around 10:30 and were handed 3D glasses. The basilica had been transformed into a movie theater, pews filled with mouth-agape viewers, epic music framing the cycling film of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. If you ever have a chance to see it in a similar environment, I highly recommend it.


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