December 30, 2022

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 It’s rare that I reinterpret another artist’s work, but I’ve had my eye on Starry Night for a while. One of Van Gogh’s most well known paintings, Starry Night was made in the last year of his life, while he residing at an asylum. The landscape wasn’t a depiction of the area; it came entirely from his imagination.

I appreciate how Van Gogh treated every element, from the town and the trees, to the sky, clouds, and stars, with an equally attentive dab of paint. There is no empty space, as atmosphere itself blankets like a fabric. The central area is of particular interest to me, where he turns sky and clouds into a roiling wave or vortex. The ethereal quality is something I connect to, although all of his paintings are relatable. They carry the truthful touch of human experience.

Looking to the sky and stars feels especially fitting as we find ourselves on the cusp of entering a New Year and all the possibilities that it may bring 🌙✨☀️

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