April 15, 2015

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Recently released covers for Cynthia Voigt’s Kingdom series from Atheneum Books.

Included below the final artwork are my concept sketches, submitted after reading the books. I always ask for manuscripts so that I can create concepts based on the story itself and not an art director’s impression of what they think it’s about. I typically push to come up with 50-60 cover ideas and submit around 5.


Tale of Oriel




Sketch – the story of a kid determined to make his fortune and his friend on an adventure to find the fabled Kingdom. Editors had me remove the friend and place Oriel on a boat.




Tale of Gwyn




Sketch Рthis story about a masked vigilante and a girl who decides to embody his mission.





Tale of Elske



Sketch – the main character in the story overcomes her past with the brutal Wolfer tribe. I was really excited about capturing both her defiant expression juxtaposed with the giant wolf silhouette.¬†Editors pushed for colorization. I’m not sure the wolf is as clear with her being a solid form.




Tale of Birle

My artwork was killed and will not be published with the set.



Sketches – my first presentation of ideas included the main characters on water, which fit the story well, but the editors had insisted Oriel be on a boat, so didn’t want to repeat it.





Previous title was On Fortune’s Wheel, so presented options in keeping with the rise and fall of the characters.




Approved sketch – originally the couple was on the run, which made more sense for the story than having them go for a lovely stroll in the woods, as was revised for the final.





I presented an initial idea of connecting the four covers visually. This ended up becoming a portrait of The Kingdom along the spines.



This was a trying year-long project. While the experience was not positive, I am enjoying the other series that have been keeping me busy. I look forward to doing more good work for good publishers.

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