June 1, 2018

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Interview with Helikon Gallery.

January 31, 2018

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Recent interview I did with Inked Gaming, where among other things I reveal for the first time what an actual dream project of mine would look like.


September 7, 2017

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Recent interview I gave with Anna Durbanova at Impakter, a terrific international online magazine focused on social & human rights issues, sustainable development, and art.

August 17, 2016

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Interview with the fine folks at Ladder & Key, in which I talk about breathing and the challenges of picking cat hair out of paintings.


January 4, 2016

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“Doing what is really your own, and then fulfilling the needs of the story—that particular story and the voice of that author and that world. And finding the place where those two meet. If you can do both at the same time, then that’s the successful piece.”


The fine folks at Ampersand Literary and I spoke over the phone recently about art, illustration, influences, and advice to the aspiring. Read the rest of my ramblings here.

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