July 28, 2020

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Dormant for centuries, the internet brought new life to the loathsome and cruel creatures known as trolls. They live to create turmoil and conflict. Just like Trump. If you encounter a troll, ignore them. They hate that. 😝✊🏼🌟

July 25, 2020

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I made a video of all the Android:Netrunner card illustrations I painted over the years. You can watch it here.

July 24, 2020

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I’d like to share an app to that can bring a touch more magic to an otherwise less adventurous summer. It’s called Randonautica. The makers of the app didn’t invent the activity, but they did bring it into the mainstream. I’ll explain with a short story.

A friend and I met up a few days ago to hang out. I told him we would try out Randonautica together, with a brief explanation of what it is. The way it works is we would come up with an intention and then see where the random location generator would lead us. The generator determines coordinates within your given area. We declared our intention as Friendship. We drove about ten minutes from my apartment to the coordinates, which took us to someone’s house. Seemed like a bust. We pulled over and noticed a Little Free Library. We looked through the books and I said, “Hey you like the author Pete Hamill don’t you?” My buddy said, “Yeah I do. Only a good friend would know that… There’s our intention!” We both were inspired to pick out a few books to take with us.

With limited travel these days I recommend trying Randonautica out for yourself and inviting in potentially magical moments. If you look up other people’s stories, you’ll see there are some crazy encounters being reported. ✨

July 22, 2020

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While at the beach this past weekend I noticed how the low tide had carved gentle rivulets in the sand, peppered with stones and shells. Thought they were pretty enough to share. 

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