May 28, 2009

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I’ve been working on an idea for a class that I’m really excited about. Hard to say if it’ll ever get off of the ground as it’s nontraditional and unclear how I’d chart student’s progress. But the ideas in it are wholly inspiring. Here’s to making it happen.



May 25, 2009

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May 22, 2009

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Museum of Natural History Elephants

Went back to the NH Museum yesterday. I don’t make it over there as much as I used to, when I would devour everything in the collection with my pen on a weekly basis (see Observations in Ink). It’s something of a treat I’ll allow myself. A day of focus. Armed with iPod and pens, there is only one thing to do. A day of zen. There are two particular things that happen here.

Firstly, its a game in wet, black ink. Drawing for me is a play between depicting the subject in a captivating way while simultaneously keeping the medium present (this can be seen in my oil paintings as well). The interplay between elegance and rawness is where I am most content.

Secondly, being in a public building there is a constant swarm of onlookers. Now make no bones about it, the constant concentration-rattling eyes on me and words of “Did you draw that?” and “That’s awesome” are truly annoying. But beneath that, I have to say, there is a rewarding feeling that comes from bringing art back to people in an immediate way. Most people aren’t able to witness the magic of an image coming to life. And to this, I enjoy providing a gateway.

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