May 25, 2016

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Updated my website so it’s all shiny and new. Check it out-

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May 17, 2016

Finale to The Raven Cycle

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Long before the cover appears on bookshelves there’s an extensive process of coming up with ideas and submitting them to the art director. I always ask to read the story to draw directly from the material, but it’s not always made available. Below are just a few concepts I came up with based solely on having read the three earlier novels and the art director’s encouragement to be inventive.

Many people assume that the image is something I paint and hand in. But in fact are a lot of opinions involved with a book cover, particularly for a high profile series such as this. Along with my convictions we also of course have the author, as well as the editors, the art director, the marketing department, and at times some major booksellers weigh in. It can be a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

With that being said, here we go. My main goal was to genuine to the series sensibility and capture both gravitas and finality. One thing was for sure, this was where Blue and the Raven Boys fulfill their destiny.










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After a handful of months I was told to depict a stag. The intention to go the symbolic route. Christopher, the art director, mocked up a sketch.



In doing my own development I found that a deer is rather tricky for a cover composition. Large antlers means reducing the size of the deer, which diminishes the animal’s boldness. There’s also the issue of the antlers visually conflicting with the author’s prominent name.

Here are the final variations that led up to the published cover.










It’s been a terrific  journey working on this much beloved series over the past five years. I appreciate the opportunity working with Christopher Stengel at Scholastic, the support from Maggie to represent her wonderful writing, and the enthusiasm from all of her lovely readers.


May 16, 2016

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New dragon paintings, as yet untitled, info on availability and possibly prints coming soon.






May 13, 2016

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New dragon paintings, as yet untitled, info on availability and possibly prints coming soon.



May 12, 2016

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New dragon paintings, as yet untitled, info on availability and possibly prints coming soon.



May 8, 2016

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Happy Mother’s Day! Give a listen to how this day of appreciation came to be. Brought to you by the wonderful Memory Palace podcast.


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