February 6, 2017

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Paroxysm – now showing at The Amelia Center Gallery
Carson City, Florida

December 6, 2016

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The newest publication of Spectrum, the best of the year’s fantasy & sci fi art, includes two of my paintings. Delighted to discover Legacy Forest is featured full-page :)





December 3, 2016

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Fortune, it’s the concept of wealth – it’s the concept of destiny. Raven carries the thread of fate that will lead the way. Goldfish conjures the currency of abundance. This is my emblem for forging a prosperous future.

Fortune’s Guide & Giver // Limited edition gold foil print
Part of the FORTUNE Show from Light Grey Art Lab

September 19, 2016

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The Summer Hunt Gallery is now up. See the collected best interpretations of the season.


September 14, 2016

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I’m proud to be a part of @Patagonia + @TheCreativeAct’s campaign to #voteourplanet See more here


July 29, 2016

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My alma mater, The School of Visual Arts in NYC, is featuring my work today :)

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 4.42.43 PM

June 3, 2016

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If you’re in Denver this month check out Helikon Gallery’s imaginative & captivating MYTHOS group show, including two of my new dragon paintings. Opening today!

Email: info@helikongallery.com



Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.08.46 AM

March 23, 2016

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Delighted to report these two, Legacy Forest and Binary Ode (aka Blackbirds) will be appearing in Spectrum’s very competitive upcoming annual showcase of fantastical art from artists around the world.





March 19, 2016

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Check out the newest edition of Hunt Riot



January 10, 2016

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My howling wolves and a peak at the rest of the captivating collection currently showing at Roq La Rue in Seattle. Charismatic Megafauna up until the end of the month. Inquire with gallery for details.


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